Position yourself correctly - and hire the right personalities.

ANTES Profile is a modular, digital analysis tool.

It is based on recognised scientific methods and, with its quality criteria, fulfils the high
qualitative requirements of analytical procedures.
We differentiate between three basic processes:

Employee selection
Employee development
Employee retention

Here you can see a graphic overviewing the ANTES Profile modules

You decide in which process steps ANTES Profile can support you! Following the contemporary demands of modern and pragmatic HR processes, you can either choose individual modules or opt for coherent processes, which we will adjust together and with regard to your work environment – according to your needs.

The Modules in Detail


Creating the Target Profile

Job Advertisement
Behavioral Analysis
Matching Interview & Candidate Selection
Behavioral Leadership
Employee Retention

The professional qualification for an optimal job placement is usually clearly defined, but what about the job-relevant behavioral requirements, soft skills, and personal factors?
What personal qualities should a candidate or employee bring in order to:

meet the daily demands of the position?

operate in their areas of strength and thus deliver the best possible performance?

handle their tasks in the long term, motivated and successfully?

fit optimally into the task, the team, and/or the customer?

enjoy and remain engaged in their work?

Only when you know, in addition to the professional qualifications, what personal requirements an employee needs for the job, can you start a qualitative, targeted, and objective search process.
In the ANTES Job-PROFILE module, you will be guided electronically and in the shortest time through a requirements analysis and automatically receive a formulated job profile with accompanying graphics.
The determined job profile forms the basis for a professional selection process, employee leadership, and prospective employee development.
Good to know:

The formulations from the job profile can be directly incorporated into the job advertisement! Through the keywords contained therein, the desired candidates feel more addressed and develop more interest in your job advertisement. The first step for a successful candidate search!



Formulating the right Job Advertisement

Keep the desired candidate profile in mind and ensure a typified approach.

With a focus on the person behind the position, address potentially suitable candidates in such a way that they find themselves in the offered new challenge – with the right keywords, tone, and content that arouse the interest of the corresponding desired profile.

How many qualified candidates may you have lost because they did not feel addressed by the approach or job presentation?

And how many of the profiles that were not sought applied in contrast?

Target the candidates you want!

The ANTES Target Profile enables you to target applicant communication, allowing you to already increase

    the quality and quantity of suitable applicants

    avoid misplacements and early turnover in advance

    reduce time, cost, and personnel expenses



Applicant Online Analysis

Do you know and utilize the strengths and personal potential of your employees?

With just one click on your ANTES PROFILE link, your participants will access a personal behavioral and strengths analysis.

Due to the uncomplicated, digital handling and the short duration of implementation (7 minutes), the ANTES PROFILE behavioral analysis enjoys very high participant acceptance.

High-quality, precise & fast

With ANTES PROFILE, you learn in a concise manner about the personal strengths of your applicants and employees, not just their resumes and skills.

Your cost-effective solution to obtain essential additional information about candidates and employees:

    Strengths & weaknesses

    Motivators & demotivators

    What behavioral, work, and communication style to expect

    Which tasks and areas of application correspond to individual strengths

    Which support and leadership match which profile to ensure the best possible performance

    Fit with team/supervisors/customers



Comparison of Target and Actual Profile

Automated comparison of incoming participant profiles with the stored job profile.

The participant profiles are automatically ranked by the system according to the degree of match.

This way, you can see at a glance who best meets the behavioral requirements of the job.

A matching report compares the graphics of the actual and job profiles, supplemented by the formulated participant profile.

High time savings & quality in pre-selection

Increase your efficiency by:

    Saving time and resources – by having an overview of suitable candidates

    Shortening the search process – by faster response times regarding suitable candidates (scheduling appointments, interviews, etc.)

    Conducting more targeted interviews – with the help of additional information from the candidate profile

    Increasing the quality of the selection process – through objective and standardized procedures

    Securing your decision – with more information, you can more confidently assess whether the candidate not only meets the technical but also the personal requirements of the job


The matching report is excellent for the upcoming interview, as you can systematically formulate your questions with a view to the job profile.

Specifically address possible discrepancies between the actual and job profiles and thus obtain information necessary for making the best possible decision.


ANTES PROFILE provides you with essential, job-relevant information about the behavioral preferences and personal strengths of employees and applicants.

However, our procedure should not be seen as the sole cutoff criterion but as a supporting tool!



Candidate Selection

High-quality selection processes strengthen the employer image, convince candidates, and serve as a recruiting measure!

From the comparison between the job profile and the candidate/employee profile, specific, profile-related questions regarding job fit can be derived, e.g., regarding possible challenges regarding:

    Requirements, supervisors, team, customers

    Job factors that could be demotivating

    Work and communication style, environmental factors, etc.

ANTES PROFILE ensures more security, quality, and objectivity in the selection decision.

Your job interviews become more targeted, strength-oriented, and profile-oriented.

At the same time, candidates perceive the interview as highly appreciative, as the interest in the whole person and not just their expertise becomes evident. This creates a pleasant atmosphere, and the company remains positive and highly employee-oriented in memory.


Behavioral Leadership

The use of ANTES PROFILE provides managers with valuable additional information about their employees for their daily work:

    Strengths & weaknesses

    Motivators & demotivators

    Preferred work, behavior, and communication style

    Who needs what support and leadership in which areas

    Which team role is preferred

    Which tasks correspond to personal strengths, etc.



Employee Retention

50% of turnover rates are due to leadership errors…

Studies show that a successful and long-term employment relationship depends on whether the relationship between supervisors and employees is characterized by respect and appreciation,

whether the employee is seen in their strengths, and whether they have the opportunity to demonstrate them.

Accordingly, it is important for companies to offer applicants and employees an environment in which not only technical qualifications but also personal strengths and potentials are taken into account.

Because employees who experience the effectiveness of their individual strengths in their job are more motivated and perform better!

And those who are allowed to tap into their personal potential are not only more satisfied and successful, but they also recommend the company and stay.

This not only benefits employee motivation and the working atmosphere but also the corporate culture and corporate success.

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