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Benefit from our decades of experience in the Scandinavian labour market!
There, it has long been understood how important it is for successful and long-term collaboration to provide employees with an environment where not only professional qualifications but also personal strengths are taken into account.

Because it is in particular the experience of being able to effectively utilize both professional competence and personal potential not only makes employees more successful but also ensures that they stay with the company and recommend it to others!
Effects that have a consistently positive impact on the joint achievement of objectives and the company’s success.

For this reason, we have developed ANTES PROFILE, a modular analysis tool that uses recognised scientific methods to identify these important individual strengths, behavioural patterns and soft skills.

Important to know

Why ANTES profile stands out from
the competition

Many companies already use diagnostic procedures to get to know applicants and employees not only in terms of their qualifications and professional skills, but also to expand the picture with personal components such as individual potential and strengths, motivators and soft skills.

However, for cost reasons, this is usually only used for executives and managers.

ANTES Profile offers you a very high quality, but significantly more cost-effective process. This enables you to use it much more widely throughout your organisation!
And thus you can also give your managers the opportunity to get to know their team/employees better in terms of their strengths and potential in an efficient way. And with this knowledge, it is much easier to show employees the necessary appreciation and deploy them in a targeted manner in line with their strengths and profile.

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