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Especially in the hiring process, careful diagnostics are crucial. However, it is most effective to define exactly who you are looking for before the actual selection process begins. So, before the decision for hiring or promotion is made!

With this goal in mind, we also support our clients in creating TARGET profiles, so that a comparison between the job requirements and the collected ACTUAL profiles is possible. Because only when you define who you are actually looking for beforehand, can a targeted recruitment process begin.

Our procedures are easy to implement and create the conditions for achieving the best possible hire.

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Competencies and Tools

At ANTES Solutions, we offer you competencies and tools that simplify and make your personnel processes more efficient. Without lengthy implementation processes or selective expert certifications.

Our modules adapt to your daily work, your level of knowledge, and your experience. Understandable and immediately applicable for everyone. Industry and hierarchy-independent.

Moving away from:

– lengthy processes in the introduction of new HR solutions

– extensive analysis results that no one can remember

– elaborate feedback discussions because the result reports cannot stand alone

– away from the high time and financial effort that leads to the fact that the corresponding measures are only implemented for specialists and executives.

International Partner Unit

Our unit specifically deals with the concerns of our international partners and clients.

   – Support for international licensing agreements and rights

   – Coordination of international training and workshops

   – Adaptation of measures and tools to the respective country

If you are interested in becoming a licensee of our products yourself or have questions about how our solutions can be used in an international environment, you are in the right place.

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ANTES PROFILE License Partner

ANTES Denmark ApS was founded in 2017 and is the first international ANTES PROFILE License Partner, which has acquired the exclusive rights to ANTES PROFILE in Denmark and the Nordic countries through ANTES Solutions GmbH.

ANTES Denmark is responsible for market development and sales in the entire Scandinavian region. To meet the increasing demand, we are looking for partners who have the desire and drive to proactively further expand the expansion in Sweden and Norway.

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