We find who you’re looking for!

We are happy to take on the task of bringing employers and employees together.

Depending on the level, location, qualifications, and the required number of specialists and executives, we work together with you to find the appropriate components for a quick, effective, and suitable solution. Because ANTES offers various modules that can be selected individually or as a complete process, tailored to your needs.

The Modules in Detail


Definition of the Position

Together with you, we define the suitable candidate profile, which consists of professional and relevant personal aspects. Because the professional qualification for a position is usually clearly defined, but what about all other job-relevant factors?
What qualities should a candidate have to:

  • meet the daily requirements of the position?
  • operate in their areas of strength and deliver the best possible performance?
  • handle their tasks in the long term, motivated, and successfully?
  • be the optimal fit for the task, the company, the team, and/or the customer?
  • enjoy and remain engaged in their work?

We rely on proven test and analysis procedures developed specifically for our needs.


Job Posting

We always keep the desired personal profile of the future employee in mind, ensuring a personality-appropriate approach. With a focus on the person behind the position, we aim to address potentially suitable candidates in a way that resonates with them, offering them a new challenge.


When formulating our job postings, we always focus on the pre-defined candidate profile. We use profile-specific keywords, tone, and content to specifically pique the interest of the desired profile.


Candidate Search

With our years of experience, we, together with our clients, determine the path that leads to the best candidates. From traditional advertising to individual approaches – everything is possible through the use of our (inter)national networks.

What matters is the result!


Motivation for Change

The reasons for changing jobs can vary greatly.
It is important for our consultants to look beyond the surface and understand the personal and individual motivations of each candidate.

Only then is it possible to conduct a comprehensive candidate evaluation and ensure the best possible fit for the position.


Selection Process

Our goal is to provide an objective and valid recommendation for each candidate.
Exchange on equal terms is particularly important to us. The intensive interviews conducted by our experienced consultants are supplemented with results from globally and extensively tested tools to reflect the talents, inclinations, and personal aspects of each applicant.


Employee Retention

To have motivated and high-performing employees in the long term, it is important to keep promises and take expectations seriously on both sides.

We accompany you beyond the hiring of your candidate, ensuring that success is not accidental.

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