We have been working closely with many of our customers for years, building trust.
We asked some of them if they would be willing to serve as references for us. Here are excerpts from the feedback we have received:

What is important when choosing a Headhunter in Germany.

Mark Kristensen, CEO at the Danish company FABRIKA, talks to Thomas Fiskbæk about his experience with recruitment in Germany and his cooperation with ANTES. By conducting a professional recruitment process, Mark was able to identify and attract top-tier candidates. The whole procedure ultimately led to the successful hiring of key employees who will make a significant impact on the success of the organization.

How to be successful as a Danish manager in Germany.

Carsten Kyster and Thomas Fiskbæk talk about the cultural & economic differences between Denmark and Germany

Søstrene Grene

From 0 to 85 stores in 5 years. 1200 employees, 39 nationalities across 3 markets

Interview with Thomas & Mogens, Søstrene Grene

Thomas is talking to Mogens about his leadership development journey and achieving success in Germany. Thomas founded the consulting firm ANTES Group 14 years ago in Hamburg. Today, with operations on both sides of the border, he is the preferred conversation partner for many Danish companies and leaders when it comes to Germany and the German market.

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„The ANTES GROUP conducted a preventive measure in our company within the framework of the applicable Occupational Safety and Health Act. This task was fulfilled to the fullest satisfaction of the management and employees. The analysis results and insights from the feedback discussions have significantly contributed to improving collaboration. We will readily recommend the ANTES GROUP at any time.“

Wolfgang Schmidt, General Manager Administration
MOL Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, Düsseldorf

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Guest on the ANTES interview with Thomas Fiskbæk:

ANTES accompanies the Scandinavian corporation RUSTA in its expansion into Germany.

Christoph Sauck, Country Manager Germany
Rusta Retail GmbH

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„We have been working with Thomas Fiskbæk and his team for a long time and in various areas. The in-house tool ANTES Profile plays an important role for us. We use ANTES Profile as a basis for our employee development, for example, to determine the need for team-building measures, training, or coaching. The analysis also provides great assistance in our applicant management. I appreciate ANTES Profile as a good, quick tool that is understandable for all parties involved, whether it’s employees, applicants, or HR itself. The reports are easy to read, and the validated results can be excellently compared, allowing for comparisons. We often use the DISC-based theory already in defining positions and formulating advertisements, or we completely delegate headhunting and use ANTES in their function as an executive search agency.“

Emilia Wager, Human Resources Managerin Germany
Detectomat GmbH

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„We have been successfully and comprehensively using ANTES Profile for years among our 17,000 full-time partners.“

„The possibility of using ANTES Profile in recruiting new sales partners is extensively utilized by our financial advisors. The analysis is easy and quick to fill out, and the always appreciatively formulated evaluation is provided promptly. Thus, ANTES Profile is an excellent tool to make the job interview valuable in content for both sides. The evaluation provides clear indications of how to lead the applicant to success. This supports the manager in selecting and integrating new partners. The innovative compensation model of ANTES Profile enables us to implement it comprehensively among our over 17,000 full-time partners.“

Klaus Höhn, CEO
DVAG – Deutsche Vermögensberatung

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„The ANTES GROUP was commissioned by us to conduct a leadership seminar for middle management. Based on the insights from the potential analyses and personal feedbacks, a behavior-oriented training was developed and successfully conducted. The participants‘ feedback was consistently positive, and the content can be effectively utilized in the company.

We are grateful to the ANTES GROUP for their performance and gladly recommend them.“

 Nina Strippel, Site Manager / COO
LUG aircargo handling GmbH, Frankfurt

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„I commissioned the ANTES GROUP to train my employees in customer consultation. The ANTES GROUP used their tool for potential analyses to determine the various employee and behavior types working in the company. Based on the results, a special training was developed, which included training in appreciative and strengths-oriented interaction with different behavior types. This measure was very effective and is recommended by me.“

Klaus Merkes
Hirsch, Christopherus, Stephanus und Stadtwald Apotheke, Köln

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